Self-made water supply machine for crickets [improved version]

Water supply machine

Water supply equipment is essential for crickets that are vulnerable to drain. I made a durable water supply machine with one dollar store tappers and shoelaces, so I will share how to make it. While it was easy to use tissues and kitchen paper, there were problems with strength and durability. Both a small tapper and a shoelace are available at one dollar store, so you can mass-produce water heaters.

Self-made water supply for crickets

To give water to crickets and small insects, use insect jelly and water heaters. Crickets are vulnerable to draining water, while they have troublesome properties that kill in large quantities from ammonia poisoning derived from manure when their feet are moist. In other words, water supply equipment needs a mechanism that does not overflow with water.

To prevent water leakage, it is sucked out by capillary phenomena such as kitchen paper. The problem that this is troublesome is that the kitchen paper is bitten and it stops functioning before one is knew. In this self-made, I improved this by using shoelaces.

Iko-orogi gathered in a water supply
Iko-orogi gathered in a water supply

With one dollar store, How to make your own water supply

First of all, I will buy the smallest tapper of 3 pieces at one dollar store. Because it is small, it is easy to handle even in breeding containers. Next, make a cut with a cutter and pass the shoelace. Water supply machine completed! In addition, the material of the shoelace is not with rubber but the one of the string main is good.

Water supply equipment using shoelaces also has the advantage of being easy to understand whether it is wet or far away. Do you have any questions about kitchen paper or whether it is wet properly?

In addition, because the height is several cm, the cricket of the newborn cannot climb. Even if it is a large cricket, it is a good idea to make a ladder with a pot bottom net or the like. I also hear that you can climb with a spear, but personally it is not troublesome.

Self-made water supply for crickets
Self-made water supply for crickets
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Example of water supply for crickets

The easiest way to water is to fill a tissue on the lid of a plastic bottle. The reason why the tissue is stuffed is that the cricket larva when it is small may drown and die. The problem of the tissue is that it is easy to get dirty, so it is completely replaced after water change.

a water heater filled with tissue on the lid of a plastic bottle
a water supply filled with tissue on the lid of a plastic bottle

For crickets, there are also modified water supply devices for birds.The water supply for small birds is not recommended because it is a good price from the price before remodeling.

Water supply for crickets modified for small birds
Water supply machine for crickets modified for small birds


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